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Inform: Neo-Marxist & Nazi/Fascist Propensities


As noted in Part 1 (Discern), both Neo-Marxism and Nazi-Fascism have far more in common than their subtle nuanced differences and are revealed as repugnant tyrannies of subjugation and totalitarian authoritarianism. Let us now consider these and delve a bit deeper into some of their similar propensities and vile perspectives.


Propaganda (false narrative)

The use of propaganda is by no means a new development, however today it has become a central method used and perfected by Neo-Marist Dems (politicians, the legacy corporate media, and government bureaucrats alike) to promote false narratives, gin up emotional responses and distort reality. It also serves as a distraction to otherwise meaningfully addressing the significant issues that demand our focused attention: our national debt and deficits, economic decline, inflation, immigration and border enforcement, and national security just to name a few. The underlying purpose is to shape public opinion and influence the individual psyche. It is at times subtle and in other cases blatant. Examples are numerous and range from political to economic, pseudo-scientific, social and cultural to media and education as well as touching upon so many institutions of government and society. A long-debunked false narrative is the ahistorical “big switch” that purported to involve white supremacists changing their political affiliation from Democrat to Republican over the decades from post-Civil War years through reconstruction, the Jim Crowe era and well into the Civil Rights Era of a half-century past. How would that reconcile with the repugnant racist words and behavior of Neo-Marxist Dems even today - chief among them the morally bankrupt, abjectly corrupt and completely compromised occupant of the presidency of the United States? While deeply unpopular today and perhaps more well-known for his penchant for plagiarism, lying and race-baiting, President Biden has demonstrated his own depraved racist mentality through his adoration, friendship, and mentoring under the tutelage of the deceased former “Dean of the Senate” hailing from West Virginia, the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan himself - Robert C. Byrd. Likewise, uttered despicably from Biden’s own lips while in a more lucid state of mind…resisting the integration of public schools over a concern that they would become “racial jungles,” musing that one cannot enter a 7-Eleven “without having at least a slight Indian accent,” or agitatedly expressing that if an African-American person does not vote for him (as a Democrat), then “they ain’t Black.” Does he mean that thoughtful and independent political consideration and participation would otherwise liberate any individual from the Democrat’s oppressive plantation of the bigotry of low expectations?


The incestuous collusion and conspiracy between the political apparatchiks of the Neo-Marxist Dems and their “proxy propagandist press” (AKA legacy corporate media in print, broadcast and subscription formerly known as the “mainstream media,” but which has far removed themselves from that moniker) proliferate a noxious poison that is ripping asunder our sacred republic while intentionally providing cover and protection for vile politicians, race-hocking drive-by’s, and the growing administrative state. Consider just a few examples of false narrative reporting driving headlines and coverage - from the Duke University Lacrosse case and the Jussie Smollett assault hoax incident as complete falsehoods attempting to advance the purported widespread nature of racism or white supremacy in this country, especially among “MAGA deplorables.” Propaganda masquerades both as an active form in what (and how) an issue is covered as well as a latent form in the determination what issues should not be covered or set aside (minimized).


Distortion / Gaslighting (lies)

Distortion and gaslighting are dually penetrating arrows in the Neo-Marxist’s quiver that seek to alter, twist or reshape an authentic fact or genuine original concept into a gross inaccuracy for the purpose of supporting their own views, opinions or prerogatives. An archetypal distortion is that the Judeo-Christian values and the “classically liberal” traditions (God-given or natural rights, individual liberty, limited government by consent of the governed, property rights, etc.), which served as foundational principles for this nation are now claimed to be racist and exemplify assumptions of “whiteness or white culture.” To be clear, Christianity and Conservatism are now presently and have been historically demonstrated by the truly faithful and exemplified by the most fervent adherents to be the most compassionate, generous, charitable, equality-loving, merciful and justice-seeking individuals on earth because of the tenets of their faith united with their humanitarianism and values. Consider the outrageous and explicitly racist information lauded by the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in their Talking About Race publication entitled: “Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness and White Culture in the United States of America.” From the document previously posted on their website, it asserts “White dominant culture, or whiteness, refers to the ways white people and their traditions, attitudes and ways of life have been normalized over time and are now considered standard practices in the United States. And since white people still hold most of the institutional power in America, we have all internalized some aspects of white culture — including people of color.” While unpacking this assertion could take up lengthy discourse, it can be effectively debunked in short order due to the falsity of its core assumption - that the values themselves: self-reliance, individualism, nuclear family dynamic, objectivity and rationality, scientific methods, strong work ethic, historical analysis and religious belief, status and power structures, relationships, communication and concepts of time and planning — are exclusively held by “white people” and none other without exception, nuance or context. Such an assertion is outrageously offensive, patently false and baldly racist. The reverse engineering of a basis for the propagated sense of victimization and discrimination lends to the development of inherently racist theories such as CRT (Critical Race Theory), white privilege, and fraudulent efforts such as the highly dubious 1619 Project.


Coercion, violence and death

Coercion can be defined as the use of force, pressure, intimidation or compulsion to obtain compliance or an adjustment in behavior that a person otherwise is unwilling to make independently. If someone holds a set of values or beliefs different from the popularized opinion of the day or that which does not fully align with the beliefs of the most animated extremists or loudest militant voices, rabid Neo-Marxists will take any action or effort to both privately and publicly embarrass, besmirch, attack, cancel, vilify, impugn, and dehumanize anyone holding such dissenting views from their own dogmatic tripe. This includes the breadth of issues from social / cultural to scientific and political: Global Climate Change, Transgenderism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, interventionist-based Modern Monetary Theory, public health policy, globalist rules-based order, open borders, and Sino-sycophancy, etc.


Neo-Marxism calls for the violent overthrow of civil society - as it has manifest time and again against every form of power structure. The obsession is with the purported struggle - whether “intifada,” class warfare, or couched in terms of a new false frontier for civil rights - violent behaviors are encouraged and incited ranging from disruptive protests, property destruction to looting mobs, from larceny to arson, from insurrection to occupation, as well as squatting and combatting law enforcement. The most despicable degradation among Neo-Marxist Nazi-Fascists is the devaluation of human life and the resultant celebration of death among the unborn, the infirm, the elderly and those deemed deplorable. Elevating the “collective good” undermines the inherent value of the individual, and makes their termination a sanitized, grotesque pro-forma act rather than heinous injustice.


Pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia

All human life is sacred and a gift from God. Such is the basis for the inherent value that we place accordingly within our common bond as sisters and brothers across the human race. Abortion up and until the very moment of birth undermines human dignity and devalues life to an extent that is morally reprehensible. Additionally, our capacities for empathy and the supportive role that care-giving provides for the elderly, aging and otherwise-abled individuals reinforces their dignity while ensuring that they can live a vibrant and meaningful life. Neo-Marxists advance their collectivist mentality disregard for human life through the elevation of other priorities: population control, eugenics, and perverse resource allocation.


Neo-Marxist & Nazi-Fascist Perspectives:

  • Anti-truth (pro-relativism)

  • Anti-individual (pro-collective)

  • Anti-nuclear family (pro-parental exclusion)

  • Anti-freedom (pro-surveillance)

  • Anti-debate (pro-censorship)

  • Anti-integrity (pro-diffusion of responsibility)

  • Anti-humanity (pro-environmentalism)

  • Anti-history (pro-revisionism)

  • Anti-private property (pro-communal occupation)

  • Anti-capitalism (pro-government intervention)

  • Anti-transparency (pro-propaganda)

  • Anti-sovereignty (pro-open borders)

  • Anti-nationhood (pro-globalism)

  • Anti-education (pro-indoctrination)

  • Anti-achievement (pro-affirmational indulgence)

  • Anti-equal opportunity (pro-equity)

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