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Educate: The Neo-Marxist Assault on our Republic

Consider the three intersectional core values of today’s Neo-Marxist Democrats:

1) Relativism

2) Emotionalism

3) Gaia/Terra worship


These underpin the beliefs, decisions and ultimately policy making prerogatives of the elites that have seriously detrimental and deleterious impacts upon our everyday lives both as individuals and as a broader society.


Relativism - Rejection of any singular truth, of the existence of irrefutable and unchanging facts, and especially of a God-emanating morality / moral code. Rather, they are devoted unwaveringly and slavishly to the promotion of relativist, humanist, secular, subjective and ambivalent (“anything goes”) attitudes and perspectives under the guise of “tolerance and inclusion.” While at first glance this perspective may seem to empower the individual to have ultimate control over their own life experience, it becomes a trapped or hostage existence based upon a feelings-focused lifestyle rather than one grounded upon their inherent value and human dignity. This shift in perceived reality replaces a state of being with a sense of feeling. Broadly, concerning how we communicate through language and a common understanding, the constant changing or redefining of the meaning of words or terms of reference creates upheaval in the basic ability to engage in cogent discussion or debate. The significant danger that relativism poses to individuals and groups who espouse a different and more durable value system than what is held by secular relativists, such as Judeo-Christian adherents for example, comes when our deeply held convictions are deemed to be discriminatory, bigoted or subversive - being subjected to silencing, cancelation or worse - investigation, indictment and even arrest or imprisonment for “thought crimes.” This is absolutely anathema to the American way and our system of justice.

Emotionalism - Feelings and emotions drive, lead, direct or define the human experience, and one’s behavior and decision making rather than reason, rationality, common sense, discernment, prudence, cognitive acumen, critical thinking, or empiricism, which are relegated to secondary or marginal status. Moreover, in today’s warped society, a person’s feelings, opinions or beliefs - no matter how farcical, unnatural, fictitious or demonstrably proven false - are elevated far and above a reality based upon objective facts, circumstances or external conditions. An emphasis among Neo-Marxist Dems is particularly oriented towards or focused upon engendering feelings of uncertainty, angst, anxiety, fear, anger/rage/hatred/vitriol, and depression (as oppressed victims). Leveraging psychology as the most subjective pseudo-science and psychological manipulation actively and subliminally becomes a way to influence an individual’s psyche and manifest a “consensus of the collective.” And what better way to stigmatize, influence, and seek to control behavior then through malleable thoughts, emotions and feelings? It has been intelligently described (while certainly not espoused by secular relativists) that humans are tripartite beings with a spirit, body and soul with the latter also comprised of three parts - mind, will (volition) and emotions. While it is important to acknowledge a person’s feelings, it is not always healthy to affirm such feelings when they are based upon uncertainty, delusion, confusion or trauma. As a society, do we normalize an individual’s suicidal ideation that such an act is ever acceptable - whether in the circumstance of bullying, trauma or emotional distress? No, we should not! To subjugate rationality and common sense beneath emotions and feelings is an inversion of a healthy mindset and the definition of mental instability. The over-emphasis placed upon emotions and feelings is another example of a distortion of the human existence, and perhaps could be shown to have a significant role in or correlation with the epidemic of mental health crisis that we see across this country.

Gaia (Greek origin) / Terra (Latin origin) worship - Elevating Earth worship to the extreme (as an environmentalist cult) while denigrating and diminishing humanity (desensitizing and undermining the dignity, worth and value of every human life) relegating the human existence to being quintessentially an adversarial pathogen to our planetary ecosystem that must be redressed by active measures: abortion, eugenics, famine (via mitigations imposed against agricultural production), and euthanasia. What hubris and arrogance are demonstrated by the belief that a carbon-based planet (Earth) must be saved by the reduction or sequestration of carbon emissions? For all of its public relations, communications and messaging efforts to convey an urgency and necessitate implementation of drastic actions, the Global Climate Change alarmist agenda does not directly address the consensus-derived threat to this planet, but it does seek to consolidate power, fundamentally alter economic and social structures, coerce behaviors and influence how individuals think about and perceive the world around them. As with the plethora of issues we face today, it becomes a psychological framing to engender angst, uncertainty and increase the pressure to act quickly (rather than with prudence) and all too readily dispense with such “outdated notions” of traditional conservation measures, “reduce, reuse, recycle” jingoism, proactive environmental stewardship and effective management of natural resources. The significant and documented advances in declining and mitigating hydrocarbon emissions in the Western world are dismissed off-hand as “too little, too late” and chided by caustic accusations of over-consumption and greediness (particularly when data is expressed in per capita terms rather than at the macro level) while the egregious, substantial, ongoing and increasing localized pollution among far Eastern (China) and South (India) nations are disregarded with little-to-no inclination to change behaviors any time soon. Gaia / Terra worship exposes the hypocrisy and self-aggrandizement of elites as well as the unfortunate corrupting of the once pure (unbiased) scientific endeavor now subsumed by ideologically-driven motivations along with substantial financial incentives (subsidies, grants, patents, etc.) and reputational advancement. Anthropogenic Global Climate Change crisis doctrine becomes a “straw man” for the diffusion of accountability among political leaders, policy makers, officials or corporate entities otherwise responsible for the protection and preservation of human life and property. It becomes an all too easy excuse to provide cover for acute incompetence or negligence.


The operational strategy and tactics of Neo-Marxists are an overplayed and worn-out handbook to activate “crisis” mode, stoke divisive and destructive discord, promote chaos and uncertainty while leveraging “projection” as subterfuge to translate or associate their own actions and beliefs onto others, particularly their political or ideological opponents. For Neo-Marxist Dems, the trite and offensive sentiment to “never let a crisis go to waste” has deteriorated to never let a “good” crisis go to waste, if ever there were such a thing intrinsically (and NO, there has not been). That does not mean beneficial outcomes cannot emerge in the aftermath of a crisis when true leadership is exhibited and when fellow citizens and neighbors pull together in resilience, sacrifice and love. Leveraging the means to address a crisis situation - whether real, imagined or manufactured - becomes the vehicle to override the normal course of life and governance to implement or exert greater powers or consolidate the same under purported exigent circumstances, increase expenditures that explode the national debt and annual deficits, and proliferate directives, mandates and executive orders that are on their face unconstitutional and blatantly un-American. Neo-Marxist Dems proclaim gun violence to be a public health emergency, Global Climate Change alarmists hyperventilate and bloviate about an urgent existential threat, and white supremacy is asserted to be the greatest threat to democracy by vile, self-serving politicians and echoed by apparatchiks in the propagandist press and larks in the administrative state - all with the insidious eventuality to undermine individual freedoms and the protections afforded by the Constitution. All too quickly dispensed with are the critical (conservative) capacities to best address or resolve a crisis situation: competency, leadership, knowledge, empathy and humility. Readily exhibited among Neo-Marxist Dems are their conceited efforts to seize power or control and proffer a self-serving narrative. This is not prologue, but demonstrated and evidenced many times over - one case after another and repeated yet again.


Projection is associating or “projecting” one’s own actions and/or beliefs onto others. Neo-Marxist Dems seem unable to restrain their projectionist neurosis whereby they reveal themselves as if looking directly into a mirror. They diabolically claim that their political or ideological opponents - particularly “MAGA” Conservatives and people of faith even more so - are racist, hate-filled, discriminatory bigots in order to castigate and denigrate them while simultaneously serving as justification to impugn and dehumanize them as “deplorables.” Inasmuch, their own actual intolerance, malice, racism and rabid antisemitism are revealed in open fashion as evidence of their perverse, duplicitous, corrupt and morally bankrupt character. Disingenuousness is the flip side of the coin for Neo-Marxist Dems who demonstrate through their own words and behaviors a fraudulent existence that is the inverse of Esse Quam Videri (in Latin: “to be, rather than to seem,” which is the motto for the Great State of North Carolina). Such disingenuousness takes another false form as virtue signaling to put on display one’s awareness of, solidarity with, or self-righteously inflated moral viewpoint based upon the expectations of others. The examples of their “seeming” rather than “being” are plethora: to seem to be empathetic, to seem to be inclusive, to seem to be caring, to seem to be compassionate, to seem to be competent, to seem to be intellectual, to seem to have integrity, to seem to be proponents of “democracy” and all the while staking their bogus claims of a moral high ground. The fallacies abound and prove an opposite reality.


Advancing grievance mills on an industrial scale provides fertile ground for Neo-Marxist Dems to sow division and discord pertaining to asserted multivariate oppressed victimhood status - whether on the basis of race, skin color, national origin, creed, sex, religious belief or the absence thereof, class/status, and education level, etc. The development of social media as the modern “town square” has further exacerbated the divisions and served to adversely segregate groups into their respective echo chambers. This tends toward stoking more strident emotional responses internally and even more destructive outward expressions of anti-social behavior. The opportunities for open, vigorous and respectful debate are few and far between having deteriorated into “safe spaces” wherein low-information, emotionally fragile dolts can retreat into the comfort and smug self-satisfaction of groupthink among like-minded comrades. The ivory towers of tertiary education that once were bastions for debate and higher learning across college and university campuses have devolved into Neo-Marxist propaganda fields advancing extreme ideologies: collectivist mentality, rabid antisemitism, anti-Americanism, LGBTQ (including transgender) militancy, tenets of Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) along with restorative justice dogma.


The promotion of chaos and uncertainty within our society through a “reimagining” of public safety has led to an explosion of criminal behavior and rampant lawlessness particularly in urban areas now emerging in the suburbs. Correspondingly, the disintegration of our communities resultant from false narratives of widespread police racism and the besmirching, defaming and defunding of law enforcement thus disrupts normal daily life while obliterating basic quality of life for residents across this country and brings about significant harm to individuals, businesses, and especially minority communities. It also manifests with the passing of every significant weather event - now measured on a scale of “severity” - asserted without substantive evidence to be a direct result of “man-caused” Global Climate Change. Today, with the incredible scientific and technological advances and sophistication of modeling for meteorology, we still have difficulty forecasting the path of any particular hurricane or tropical storm with any degree of certitude but for perhaps a 12-hour window at best - how then is the purportedly determinative sea level rise such a definitive catastrophe in two, five, ten or fifty years in the future? When the most natural of ecological processes occurs - the decay and decomposition of a tree in the forest - becomes redefined as a “polluting event” because some of the carbon is released in the ambient environment (not being 100% captured or sequestered within the ground), then what can humanity do or not do (other than a mass extinction event) to cease our impact? The efforts and hysteria thus tend towards absurdity especially when there is a lack of common sense or critical analysis of the ideologically-driven motivations of so-called experts and political class. The emergence of a new virus could lead to a global pandemic and the loss of millions of lives. How do we prepare? How do physicians, scientists - biologists, virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, geneticists - and public health official respond? Do they reject the basic, well-established knowledge and longstanding principles and practices of their domain or field to scramble against time simply because of the “novelty” of the viral strain or act in alignment with an ideological preference or perspective? In times of economic instability - are the market experts, economists and government officials being fully transparent or reserved in their assessments, prognostications and/or policy making? As noted above, the changing of language or redefining of words can deepen uncertainty, for example, when such basic concepts as “recession,” “soft landing,” “market fluctuation,” “government intervention,” no longer align with the traditional understanding.


Another effort involves language contortion undertaken as an attempt to control thought and expression through the use, evolution and weaponization of language. Neo-Marxist Dems will intentionally manipulate language (a.k.a. frame a narrative) to suit their own purposes - whether that be to oversimplify a complex concept or subject in some cases or the inverse to overcomplicate and enhance the complexity of what is otherwise a simple, basic or common understanding. Moreover, there is often a subversive interplay between the connotation and denotation in the meaning of words or their accepted definitions. While connotation refers to something suggested by the implication (implicit meaning) of a word, denotation refers to the specific (direct or explicit) meaning of the word. Common usage begins to move away from the direct meaning to the implicit meaning. In turn, that aligns with the Neo-Marxist’s intention to communicate, describe and frame an understanding on the basis of a feeling or association rather than objective fact.


The examples proliferate. Concerning economics and the Conservative position of robust free market capitalism with limited government intervention - on both demand or supply sides - the designated term coined since the 1980’s is “trickle down” economics. Why is it not more aptly described as expanding, growing, rippling outward, reverberating, or increasing? Consider the connotation - principally negative - of things that trickle down - blood, sweat, tears, bodily fluids - things involving strain, exertion, pain or even loss of life? So, then even that concept tends toward eventual disparagement not on the basis of objectivity but rather perception. Concerning energy - from the combustion engine to fuels for electrical power generation, heating, transportation, and more - the term “fossil fuels" has taken precedence over the reference to petroleum-based products or hydrocarbons when largely interchangeable for the most part. As the term hydrocarbon sounds technical, scientific, elemental, molecular chemistry-based while naturally occurring in significant abundance on Earth, it specifically refers to compounds containing hydrogen and carbon, such as methane or gasoline. The term or classification of “fossil fuels” can imply to the unsophisticated listener or hyper-emotional fanatic to be the morally repugnant exploitation of an amalgam of dinosaur goop that humanity is extracting, burning and polluting to our own planetary peril. So, the usage of words themselves thus stimulate a feeling or emotional response.


Hyperbole and exaggeration are also prolific amongst Neo-Marxist Dems and globalist elites who want to elevate something to a greater significance than objectively discernible. For example, the manufactured impending calamity of anthropogenic Global Climate Change is elevated to crisis-level urgency while politicians and political leaders with no scientific background or expertise make unsubstantiated prognostications and policy determinations devoid of reason (or scant empirical rigor). The tenets of the Gaia/Terra cult demand allegiance to its dogmatic position to completely eliminate the use of petroleum and hydrocarbons as soon as possible (if not immediately) and install ill-conceived and dangerous systems to sequester carbon underground among other detrimental policies. Even more insidious, the mandated “green” efforts enrich Marxist, autocratic countries (China, in particular) who are modern-day imperialists ravaging the developing world of rare earth minerals and engaging in slave labor camps including grievous forced child labor in mines and the production / refining process. It also tends toward a corruption of the scientific endeavor with incentives to promote the manipulation or distortion of data and misleading analysis in order to align with a consensus narrative for publication prospects and future funding. Global leaders disgustingly reveal their Sino-sycophancy wittingly in the regurgitation of Chinese Communist Party’s tropes and propaganda. They abdicate any sense of moral authority or credibility with their hyperbolic diatribes, which unleash repudiation rather than convey truth.


July 2023: UN Secretary General, António Guterres declares: “The era of global warming has ended and the era of global boiling has arrived…Climate change is here. It is terrifying. And it is just the beginning…”


October 2023: Pope Francis issues his Laudate Deum (in Latin: Praise God) concerning Climate Change. The Vicar of Christ in this instrument asserts, "Climate change is one of the principal challenges facing society and the global community…Despite all attempts to deny, conceal, gloss over or relativize the issue, the signs of climate change are here and increasingly evident…It is no longer possible to doubt the human – “anthropic” – origin of climate change.” Towards the end of this document in concluding thoughts, he proffers “If we consider that emissions per individual in the United States are about two times greater than those of individuals living in China, and about seven times greater than the average of the poorest countries, we can state that a broad change in the irresponsible lifestyle connected with the Western model would have a significant long-term impact” as was sourced from the UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM, The Emissions Gap Report 2022.


Let us consider that per capita dispensation between emissions in the United States and China. At face value, the document articulates that the emissions per person are about two times greater in the United States than in China. However, further assessment would reveal that given the population difference between the two countries is approximately by a factor of 4.3 times (330 million in US compared to 1.43 billion in China) whereby the latter (China) more than doubles its overall emissions when compared to the US - and such emissions are often far dirtier with contaminants and more acute than emitted in the western hemisphere. Additionally, China is presently ramping up its carbon footprint significantly whereas western nations are seeking to decrease their carbon footprint.


And returning to the predicament posed at the outset: “What is to be done when reason is not merely prevented from but actively thwarted against combatting the diverse errors of opinion proliferating today?” The solution requires a sustained effort to realize: 1) a restoration of the dignity and integrity of the individual through truth-based moral clarity, 2) the revival of reason, prudence and common sense, and 3) the rejuvenation of responsibility and accountability as a triple braid to repair the frayed and tattered bonds of our Union. This may seem a daunting and unachievable endeavor and certainly is one that will take a significant amount of time and energy, but as with every righteous cause - it is both intrinsically valuable as well as imperative to our survival. Conservatives must persevere as advocates of life and liberty through demonstrating charitable generosity, selfless service to others and standing in solidarity with our allies and the forces combatting the evils of our time: terrorism, despotism, antisemitism, Nazi/Fascism and Neo-Marxism.

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