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Discernment: The Case for Conservatism to Save our Constitutional Republic


As the United States of America approaches its momentous 250th anniversary and coinciding with a time in our history when the last vestiges of individual freedoms, civility, and equality under the law now seem to be hanging in the balance more precariously than at any prior time - not only in the USA, but also in Canada and across the European continent - perhaps it is time to reconsider or re-conceptualize governance and political thought relative to the human condition and particularly on the basis of the juxtaposition between the Individual and the Collective (or State). A more sophisticated view - and one could persuasively argue correct view - takes into account the various aspects of individual freedom, participatory engagement along with how and whereby power is granted, wielded, distributed, consolidated, held or transferred. This paradigm renews faith with the intellectual giants who understood the primacy of individual liberty and freedom vis-a-vis a limited government that would provide the optimal opportunity for the advancement of the human endeavor. It reveals enlightened insights while realizing that - as with almost every facet of the natural world - very few things are exactly (rigidly) linear, but more often bend to an appreciable arch, undulating wave or flowing curve. There is also resonance with an apt quote attributed to the great statesman Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States, who lauded America as a “Monument of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated when reason is left free to combat it.” So, what then is to be done when reason is not merely prevented from but actively thwarted against combatting the diverse errors of opinion proliferating today?


Through this perspective where the Individual is the focal point, Marxist Communism (Neo-Marxists) and Nazism “National Socialists” (along with the counterpart Fascism) are not polar opposites or the extreme positions (“far left” or “far right,” respectively) on a linear paradigm as has been the historically accepted structure or framework on governance (or forms of government) across a spectrum inclusive of monarchies, democracies, republics, theocracies and tribal associations (see diagram below). Rather, they are malevolent “kissing first cousins” of tyranny, subjugation and totalitarian authoritarianism. Both Marxism and Nazi-Fascism have far more in common - as repugnant tyrannies - based upon demonstrable evidence than their subtle nuanced differences. Consequently, they are equally the antithesis as well as the adversary of a truly free society that is based upon openness, transparency, individual liberties and civic engagement within the parameters of a morally straight and ethically principled environment. And, interestingly enough it appears that Antifa conspicuously occupies the space in between the two evidenced by the proclamations and behaviors of the enraged, often violent misguided mob of malcontent miscreants.

Both Marxists and Nazi-Fascists despise the dignity and agency of the individual because they ultimately reject the God-given (natural) rights bestowed upon every human being. Actually, both are more anti-God beyond mere agnostic (uncertain) belief or even atheistic rejection. Their common position is assertively contrary toward and aggressively antagonistic to religious belief or a devout faithfulness in God, Our Creator or a Higher Power. This is often expressed with particularly visceral animosity (and an increasing propensity for discrimination and outright persecution) towards those who hold a Judeo-Christian world view. Marxists and Nazi-Fascists both view themselves as the sole authority to dictate individual behavior, centrally manage economic and social systems, act as the singular arbiter of information while formulating or perpetuating a secular cult of personality around their own self-serving interests to preserve and/or prolong their grip on power. Additionally, as totalitarian systems, they seek to nationalize ever increasing or expanding sectors of society within the hands of elites - whether government officials and leaders directly or indirectly through unelected bureaucrats among a litany of agencies, administrations, and organizations. They are intent to control speech, quash open debate, and coerce or shape behavior through restrictive regulations and policy promulgation while leveraging psychological operations, programming and manipulation.

Through the inculcation of a cult of personality, they aim to replace religiously-based moral codes of conduct with their own purportedly erudite, secular machinations to consolidate their own power, enrich themselves and their like-minded supporters, monopolize thought, and elevate the status of “the collective” or “the state” whereby individuals should no longer think for themselves, but ingest and fully absorb their formulated narrative without questions, critique or dissent. Consider the pseudo-messianic personification of former President Barack Hussein Obama among his supporters or the actions and attitudes of the rabidly fanatical Global Climate Change alarmists. Even more disconcerting, is the way in which many of the current leaders and most “progressive” members of the Democrat Party (Neo-Marxist Dems) both actively and subversively undermine the very democratic principles which they verbally assert to esteem in our Constitutionally founded Representative Republic. Who are those trying to undermine the very institutions of our Republic through an all-out assault on national sovereignty (undermining our borders, flaunting immigration enforcement and advocating for a new globalist system of norms or rules-based governance), the vilification of the electoral college, the attacks on the authority of the Supreme Court as a co-equal branch of government, the abandonment of the filibuster rule and basic standards of decorum in the Senate, the subversion and suppression of civil liberties, the obliteration of longstanding legal principles such as due process, attorney-client privilege, innocence until proven guilty or equality under the law, the selection and propping up of cognitively diminished officials as mere puppets, the corrupting of intelligence and law enforcement agencies for partisan political purposes, and the increasing exercise of raw power (mandates, directives, declarations, and executive orders) that far exceed constitutional authority? It is certainly not the Conservatives or independent-minded citizens of this country who are the ones actively undermining our institutions and longstanding values while seeking such a fundamental (and destructive) transformation. Virtue signaling, gaslighting and outright fraud take the place of integrity and honesty in the Neo-Marxist’s march to gaining and holding power by any means necessary and at any cost. This undermines the imperative moral foundation for a functional social order while trampling the Constitution, rule of law, and minority protections.


The undermining of Western Civilization by any means necessary or for any cause is nihilistic self-destruction. We have a righteous duty and moral obligation to reject and repudiate the lies, fictions and patently self-serving, erroneous notions asserted by the Neo-Marxist Dems: namely that the founding values and principles of this great nation and the vaunted heritage of Western Civilization, Western Thought, the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening were racist, bigoted and hateful. THEY WERE NOT THEN AND THEY ARE NOT TODAY - UNEQUIVOCALLY! The damaging falsehood that the United States of America was “never good” from its origins or founding until today merely serves as an insidious pretext for the seditious assault against our Constitution and our Representative Republic. While such a “fundamental transformation” manifests itself today primarily through the fomenting of a Marxist revolution on the basis of purportedly pervasive racial disparities or gender discrimination as seems to be the ultimate goal of the Neo-Marxist Dems, we must re-double our dedication to fully understanding this existential threat in order to defeat the deceivers and preserve our Union and way of life. Additionally, the Sino-sycophancy of the Neo-Marxist Dems must be called out, rooted out, rejected and repudiated in the strongest possible terms and by meaningful action. China and more specifically the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the most significant threat from a national security, economic, social, environmental and geo-political perspective by far and away, over and above anything else. This threat, magnified through an axis of evil alignment between China, Iran and Russia, requires strong leadership with moral clarity and intelligent statecraft rather than attempts at clever performative stagecraft as evidenced by the blundering and abysmal performance of the Biden administration.


The genius of our Constitutional Representative Republic derives from the keen philosophical awareness of our founding fathers and the fundamental acknowledgement so eloquently framed in the Declaration of Independence whereby: “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness — That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.” Furthermore, the Constitution of the United States provides the realization of that purpose to form a more perfect Union within a structure that protects individual as well as minority rights (elaborated in the Bill of Rights), establishing a representative form of government wherein Power is separated across the three branches at the national level - Executive, Legislative and Judicial - and decentralized among the several states where not explicitly granted to the federal government. The wisdom of our nation’s early visionaries has proven prophetic in today’s America. John Adams presciently noted in his address to the Massachusetts Militia on 11 October 1798 that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Additionally, James Madison, in The Federalist Papers, No. 55, articulated that our Constitution requires “sufficient virtue among men for self-government,” otherwise, “nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another.” It was the intention of the founders of the American experiment to establish a bulwark against the entrenchment power among elites that tends towards tyranny and autocracy. The truism remains today as when proclaimed by William Pitt the Elder and later surmised by Lord Acton that: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


The Conservative movement, with a steadfast commitment to the founding principles of this country, provides the best opportunity to educate, lead and demonstrate how the empowered citizen and the restrained government move us individually and in concert toward the realization and expansion of the amazing American Dream. Why should the conservative position allow itself to be caricatured, erroneously mischaracterized, maligned or rather maliciously re-defined by the Neo-Marxist rabble who are otherwise unable to prevail in the arena of ideas? Conservatism - as it espouses and seeks to advance to the uttermost fruition individual liberties, limited government, humanitarian values, participatory engagement, equal opportunity and minority protections based upon the foundational rule of law and the equal application of law along with fiscal responsibility or sobriety - finds itself in closest harmony with the democratic principles of a Constitutional Republic while in direct opposition to both extreme authoritarian Neo-Marxist and Nazi-Fascist malignancies. The power of equal opportunity lies in the robust potential and uninhibited dynamism of the individual’s agency. The farce and failure of “equity” is belied by the reality of diminishing returns among an unmotivated, deluded and intellectually neutered collective. Equity - as a Neo-Marxist determinative - can be defined as the sameness of outcome or otherwise presented by Karl Marx - “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” The eventual results of such malevolent - more aptly characterized as evil - systems are always immense human misery, societal degradation, and economic collapse.


America does not need a “fundamental transformation” as repeatedly asserted by and more dangerously instigated by Neo-Marxist Dems. Rather, this great country needs a restoration of the values and principles that made us a “shining city on a hill,” and which continue to attract freedom-seeking people from across the globe who want a better life for themselves and their posterity. With a solemn humility, we recognize that our Union is not perfect and our history is blighted with some instances, intrigues and former institutions of the worst expressions of human nature - because humans are not perfect. The fact remains, however, that the United States of America has been a tremendous force for good both intrinsically and incrementally - advancing the promotion of human liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness along with economic expansion and wealth creation unlike ever seen in human history all the while achieving remarkable discoveries in science, medicine, technology and improving the quality of life for Americans domestically and humanity worldwide. The nexus between conservative political thought and Judeo-Christian values cannot be denied in the formation of the United States of America. The inherent value and dignity of human life, the importance of individual responsibility, the intelligent stewardship of resources as well as the formation of charitable, educational and civic life starts within the nuclear family in the first order and expands secondarily to the wider community and nation as has been the historical basis for a functional and productive social construct. Neo-Marxist Dems are adamant about destroying the nuclear family while promoting inter-generational discord and animosity.


The divisions being stoked in this country are currently straining the social fabric and our shared experience to an extent previously unknown. More recently, while we have sullied our dearly-bought birthright, freedoms and privileges having been purchased by the blood, sweat and sacrifice of far greater and more virtuous generations past - through the insidious and divisive promulgation of numerous false narratives of systemic racism, anti-capitalist sentiment, and ahistorical revisionism that diminish wholesome patriotic pride and impugn the American experiment, we have the opportunity to recognize the paucity and inaccuracies of these fractures and overcome the impediments of ignorance and malice to achieve a better future together leveraging civility, moderation, a selfless willingness to serve others, take risks, and truly esteem the dignity, value and worth of humanity - our common bond and the true hallmark of Conservatism. To willfully misconstrue conservatives as “far-right extremists, white supremacist Nazis” while debasing such traditional values as “bigoted” is not only 180 degrees out of phase from reality, but also provides a false front for Neo-Marxist Dems who seemingly have devolved themselves presently into a novel unified manifestation of national socialism (Nazism) and totalitarian autocracy (Marxism) within the behemoth of an increasingly powerful centralized administrative state all the while running rough shot over the Constitution and individual liberties. We must be courageous in our fight to save this nation and speak the truth as our opposition seeks to use every measure and any tactic to fundamentally transform us individually and collectively from a reality-based state of being to a sensory-based, surface-level disingenuous existence.


Perhaps it is naive to think that the traditional “left / right” dynamic in politics or political reference will be cast aside so quickly for the sake of more clarity and sophistication over the ease of shorthand and ubiquitous simplification. We should nevertheless always articulate an informed discourse to advance Conservatism - its core values and principles - as being supremely worthy of our devotion. The harmony between Constitutionalism’s secure foundation and Conservatism's expression within a form of representative governance paired with expansive participatory engagement provide the basis for the success of the American experiment, which is now in existential jeopardy. It is the sole ideological perspective and value system that can save us from the disastrous future of a dystopian unreality that the Neo-Marxist Dems would usher in through their realization of a “fundamentally transformed” America devoid of the faith, freedoms and fortunes of our predecessors.

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